2001 Audio


Madblast Interview
December 19, 2001

Very enlightening interview where Josh discusses the release of his first album, working with David Foster, The Corrs, and Barbra Streisand, classifying his music, his favorite drummers, Mandy Patinkin, and what he loves about the Internet.
Many thanks to Malcolm at Madblast.com for providing this interview clip!

  Length: 19:45

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PMP Network Interview
December, 2001

Fantastic overview of Josh's early career...musical theater, meeting David Foster, drumming, the Grammies, opera, perfectionism, his many performances, and his debut CD. Josh discusses eating cookies with Stevie Wonder, his "big date" with Bo Derek, approval from Don Mclean, and does a dead-on impression of Bill Clinton.

  Length: 22:44

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iVillage.com Interview
December, 2001

Great early web radio interview which starts with a clip of Josh singing "You're Still You," then an interview where Josh takes questions from listeners and discusses musical theater, working with Celine, relationships,his favorite music, drumming, inspiring people, Ally, and working with The Corrs.

  Length: 15:09

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Holiday Message from Josh
December, 2001

A recorded message from Josh for the fans on his website, wishing everyone a happy holiday

  Length: 0:29

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The National Anthem
November 21, 2001

Josh singing the National Anthem for the Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers football game

  Length: 2:23

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STAR 100.7 Radio Call-in
May 23, 2001

This is a recording of Josh singing a snippet of "You're Still You" on the radio the day after his first appearance on Ally McBeal

  Length: 0:34

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Audio Interview on joshgroban.com

Wonderful overview of Josh's early career as told by Josh himself, with clips from his first CD and commentary about each track.

  Length: 23:50

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