2002 Videos, January - April


Sessions @ AOL 2002
April 30, 2002

"To Where You Are" Length: 3:52

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"Vincent" Length: 5:00

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"Alejate" Length: 4:56

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Interview with Chris Douridas Length: 13:42

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Pure Oxygen #2
April 29, 2002

Josh performs "You're Still You" Length: 3:37

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Josh's interview with Gayle King before his performance Length: 5:02

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XTRA MSN Interview (from New Zealand)
April 24, 2002

Great interview with Josh

  Length: 6:56

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Pure Oxygen #1
April 23, 2002

Josh performs "To Where You Are"

  Length: 3:55

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Tech TV Interview
April 22, 2002

Josh and David Foster talk about Josh's following on the internet, the progress of technology in music, and Josh does a truly awful rap song (LOL--we love you anyway, Josh...)

  Length: 3:52

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Rosie O'Donnell Show
April 16, 2002

Josh sings "To Where You Are"

  Length: 4:23

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ABC News with Bob Brown
April 12, 2002

Very similar to the 20/20 Special, this profile describes Josh's start with Celine, Ally McBeal, and the Winter Olympics

  Length: 2:51

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20/20 ABC Special
April 12, 2002

Wonderful segment on Josh that really brought his career into focus and taught many people who he was for the first time

  Length: 11:18

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Bingolotto (Sweden)
March 30, 2002

Josh performs "To Where You Are" on this very popular show in Sweden

  Length: 4:59

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Noche de Fiesta (Madrid, Spain)
March 23, 2002

Josh performs "Gira Con Me" live

  Length: 3:45

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Musica Si! (Madrid, Spain)
March 17, 2002

Josh gives a gorgeous performance of "Alejate"

  Length: 4:41

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KRON-TV Interview   
March, 2002

Josh talks about stage fright, his appearance at the Olympics, and collaborations, explains that he's NOT an opera singer, and then is put on the spot for an impromptu performance of "The Prayer."

  Length: 6:39

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Sidewalks Interview
March, 2002

Josh discusses his music, working with older musicians, his inspirations, and his advice for aspiring performers

  Length: 2:36

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2002 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremonies
February 24, 2002

Beautiful duet of "The Prayer" with Charlotte Church as the Olympic torch is extinguished

  Length: 5:24

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InfoPlus/Musique Plus (Canada)    
February 7, 2002

Great candid interview where Josh discusses travelling, starting out in the school choir, the music he likes, working with Celine, acting on Ally, website fans, not being "pigeonholed", keeping his voice healthy, being a music veteran at age 20, and the Winter Olympics

  Length: 11:05

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Duo Benezra Interview (Quebec,Canada)    
February 7, 2002

Part 1-- A clip from the "To Where You Are" video, then Josh discusses his early experiences in performing and making his debut CD Length: 10:39

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Part 2--Josh talks about singing in different languages, his female following, his family, and his inspirations Length: 12:29

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Les Choix De Sophie (Canada)
February 6, 2002

Josh performs "To Where You Are" Length: 4:01

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Interview Length: 4:42

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Les Trois Mousequetaires (Canada)
February 6, 2002

Great interview Length: 3:44

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Beautiful performance of "You're Still You" Length: 3:38

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February 3, 2002

Josh discusses his upcoming performance at the Winter Olympics closing ceremonies

  Length: 0:26

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The Tonight Show #1
January 28, 2002

Josh performs "To Where You Are" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

  Length: 4:11

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Josh's First "Surprise" Video
January 24, 2002

Wonderfully candid interview by Josh and David Foster where they take questions from fans on the website and discuss plans for Josh's first tour

  Length: 32:40

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Entertainment Tonight
January 24, 2002

Brief "spotlight" interview with Josh about his performance at the Winter Olympics

  Length: 0:38

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Charlotte Church Enchantment Duet
January 9, 2002

Josh performs a duet of "Somewhere" from West Side Story with Charlotte Length: 3:48

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Josh performs "The Prayer" with Charlotte Length: 5:15

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TV2 Interview (Norway)
January, 2002

Another great interview!

  Length: 2:57

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Best Buy Commercial for "Josh Groban" debut CD

  Length: 0:30

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Dutch Commercial for "Josh Groban" debut CD

  Length: 0:21

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French Commercial for "Josh Groban" debut CD

  Length: 0:16

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2002 EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

Very nice introduction to Josh and his music, including some footage of his Grammy rehearsal with Celine

  Length: 2:22

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Introducing Josh Groban

Great behind-the-scenes footage of Josh and David Foster in the studio, discussing the making of Josh's debut CD

  Length: 7:26

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STAR98 Interview Video

Great interview where Josh talks about his career start, singing with Celine, Ally McBeal, speaking Italian, and his first CD.

  Length: 10:07

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The Today Show #1
January 1, 2002

Gorgeous New Year's Day performance of "To Where You Are"

  Length: 4:25

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Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular
January 1, 2002

Interview with Brian Boitano Length: 0:49

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Solo performance of "The Prayer" Length: 3:51

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Performance of "You're Still You" Length: 4:06

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"Gira Con Me" Music Video (Europe)

Lovely music video of "Gira Con Me"

  Length: 3:06

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"To Where You Are" Music Video

Josh's very first music video

  Length: 3:53

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David Foster Introduces Josh Groban    

Great early profile on Josh by David Foster on Tonos.com; lots of behind-the-scenes studio footage

  Length: 6:35

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