2002 Videos, May - August


Larry King Live #2
July 15, 2002

Very cute interview with Larry King before Josh performs "Vincent"

  Length: 5:34

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Josh on Oprah
July 11, 2002

Josh's wonderful interview with Oprah Length: 6:32

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Josh's performance of "To Where You Are" Length: 3:51

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WB Taiwan Interview   
July 3, 2002

Great interview in Taiwan where Josh speaks Chinese and discusses sports, his hair, what he does in his leisure time, sports, cartoons, travelling, and future goals, among other things

  Length: 10:22

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Untitled Concert in Japan
June 30, 2002

"Gira Con Me" Length: 4:21

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Interview Length: 1:26

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Cinema Paradiso Length: 1:33

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You're Still You Length: 3:44

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Boston Pops Performance
May 31, 2002

Josh performs "Gira Con Me" live with conductor John Williams at the Boston Pops on PBS Length: 4:52

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Josh performs "Vincent" Length: 5:45

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Josh performs "For Always" duet with Lara Fabian Length: 4:41

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The View #1
May 29, 2002

Great interview and performance of "Gira Con Me Questa Notte"

  Length: 5:36

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Access Hollywood #1
May 28, 2002

Josh talks about the start of his career, his female following, and how his life has changed

  Length: 2:07

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Good Morning America #1
May 2, 2002

Adorable collection of clips where Josh sings parts of "Vincent" and "You're Still You"...but they never let him finish! Charlie, as always, mispronounces his name (Gro-BAN). Diane Sawyer talks with Josh about having the #8 album in the country and singing with Celine. They all ride in a hot air balloon at the end of the clip! Length: 3:40

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Josh finally gets to finish his song....a gorgeous performance of "To Where You Are." Diane Sawyer discusses singing on Ally McBeal, living at home, and being "discovered" in the 7th grade, then Josh wishes his mom a happy birthday. Length: 5:22

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