2002 Videos, September - December


20/20 Update Show
December 20, 2002

Great recap of Josh's accomplishments during 2002 and all that had happened since the original 20/20 show aired

  Length: 7:40

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"Concerto Natale"at The Vatican
December 14, 2002

"O Holy Night" Length: 4:25

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"Cinema Paradiso" [NOTE: This file temporarily removed due to excessive hotlinking.] Length: 4:16

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Rehearsing "Cinema Paradiso" Length: 0:31

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Rehearsing "Merry Christmas (War is Over)" Length: 0:20

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Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony (Norway)
December 11, 2002

Josh performs a duet of "The Prayer" with Sissel [NOTE: Due to excessive hotlinking, this file has been temporarily removed.] Length: 4:30

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Josh performs "To Where You Are"
Thanks to JESSICA for the source of this clip!
Length: 3:59

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Josh performs "Imagine" with the whole cast Length: 4:26

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Josh and Michelle Branch speak at the Nobel press conference Length: 1:46

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Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting
December 4, 2002

Josh performs "O Holy Night" at the lighting ceremony for the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center

  Length: 4:42

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Teen People.com Interview   
December, 2002

Quick interview with Josh concerning Teen People's "20 Teens Who Will Change the World"

  Length: 0:19

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Live with Regis and Kelly
December 4, 2002

Josh performs "To Where You Are" and "You're Still You" and discusses the Grobanites, the Pope, and singing with Barbra Streisand

  Length: 5:39

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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
November 28, 2002

Josh performs "You're Still You" while riding on the Maytag float in the parade. He's a trooper--it was freezing!!

  Length: 2:13

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PBS Great Performances Special
November 23, 2002


Josh performs "You're Still You"
This clip courtesy of PBS Great Performances

Length: 3:02

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Josh performs "Gira Con Me" Length: 4:31

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PBS Pledge Break Interviews
November 23, 2002

Josh talks with the host during pledge breaks between the airing of his Great Performances PBS Special

  Length: 24:17

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WXIN (Indianapolis)
November 18, 2002

Josh discusses his PBS special, riding on the Maytag float in the Macy's parade, the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony, and his favorite Christmas songs

  Length: 3:59

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WGN Interview (Chicago)    
November 18, 2002

Josh talks about his budding career, his favorite music, family, and his "interesting" mail from fans
NOTE: The video quality is not good...I'm looking for a better copy!

  Length: 3:07

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WFLD-TV Interview (Chicago)
November 18, 2002

Josh speaks with WFLD TV via satellite and discusses staying grounded, singing with Celine, finding his niche in the music world, and upcoming projects

  Length: 4:43

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Channel One
November 15, 2002

Josh fills in as guest anchor on this news program. Very ice job reading that teleprompter, Josh...LOL Length: 3:29

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Josh answers questions from fans concerning his musical background, career highlights, and his dream gig (Ozzfest, Josh??) Length: 3:02

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Concert for World Children's Day
November 14, 2002

Josh gave a spectacular performance at this concert to benefit the Ronald McDonald House charities, including a gorgeous performance of The Prayer with Celine Dion. This video is available exclusively on the concert DVD sold on the WCD website, with profits to the RMH charity. [I HIGHLY recommend this DVD for any Josh fans!] A video preview for the concert is available on their website media page, here.


Jay Monahan Center Launch (NYC)
November 12, 2002

Very short clip of Josh performing "Maria" from West Side Story at Katie Couric's launch of the Jay Monahan Center (full audio for this performance is available in the 2002 audio section)

  Length: 0:14

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Wayne Brady Show
November 6, 2002

Brief but funny clip of Josh before the Carousel of Hope Ball

  Length: 0:09

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2002 World Series
October 19, 2002

Josh performs the National Anthem at the first game of the World Series

  Length: 2:54

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Concert for America
September 11, 2002

Moving performance of The National Anthem at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts at this memorial event for the World Trade Center tragedy

  Length: 2:58

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Verizon Liberty Commercial
September 8, 2002

Josh is not shown, but lends his voice singing a beautiful version of "The Prayer" with Jewl Anguay to this Verizon commercial

  Length: 1:29

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