2002 Audio


Dave Til Dawn Interview #1
December 13, 2002

A great early radio interview with Dave Wingert.

Part 1 - Sondheim and "Broomsweep #3" Length: 2:31

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Part 2 - Moving into his own place, Ally McBeal Length: 2:24

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Part 3 - Grobanites, Norway, and his family Length: 2:29

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Part 4 - "O Holy Night", the direction his music is taking Length: 1:41

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Part 5 - New young artists Length: 1:25

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Part 6 - Tonsils, Las Vegas fountains Length: 2:16

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Delilah Radio Show #2
November 28, 2002

Thanksgiving interview where Josh and Delilah discuss bad cookies, travelling, Grobanites, and J. Lo!

  Length: 2:52

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KUDL Radio Interview (Kansas City, MO)   
November 22, 2002

Josh calls in for a radio interview from New York and talks about the Grobanites (what's that nervous laugh about, Josh?? LOL), his Great Performances Special, Broadway, "O Holy Night," freaking out before performing, and dating

  Length: 9:19

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"Maria" at "42nd and Vine" Charity Event
November 12, 2002

Josh gives a stunning performance of "Maria" from West Side Story at Katie Couric's event for the launch of The Jay Moynihan Center in NYC

  Length: 2:46

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KVIL Interview with Dixon & Miller
September 11, 2002

Great live interview where Josh discusses his work on Ally McBeal, his first fans on the internet, and singing with Celine at the Grammies, and then takes questions from Grobanites in the studio.

  Length: 2:46

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Delilah Radio Show #1
July 10, 2002

Josh talks with Delilah about taping the Oprah show (he had tonsillitis), starting out in music, Ally McBeal, the prom, being a "young, handsome, talented celebrity," Grobanites, and singing with Celine. Includes full versions of "To Where You Are" and "The Prayer."

  Length: 18:30

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CFAX- Foster Friday (Canada)
July 5, 2002

Great call-in interview with David Foster; Josh discusses his initial success, his first CD, and the Grobanites. "Gira Con Me" is played, and Josh sings a verse live.

  Length: 8:47

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WDOK Interview
May 26, 2002

Enlightening interview where Josh discusses his parents, his experience acting on Ally McBeal, singing for Rosie, Celine at the Grammies, his musical heroes, drumming, and touring.

  Length: 6:16

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Josh Phone-In #2
April, 2002

Recorded message from Josh from Tuscon for the fans on his website.

  Length: 1:17

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KOST 103.5 #1 (Los Angeles)
April, 2002

Hilarious interview on "Breakfast with Mark and Kim"..Josh takes calls from listeners and talks about working with David Foster, the writing of "To Where You Are," "Grobaholics," singing with Celine, and his career goals. One of his very best radio interviews!

  Length: 24:48

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Josh Phone-In #1
April, 2002

Recorded message from Josh during his radio tour, just for the fans on his website.

  Length: 1:16

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