2003 Videos, January - April


Chanter la Vie (France)   
April 15, 2003

Gorgeous performance of "Gira con Me" in France...this clip is in black and white and looks very different from most of Josh's TV performances, but it's great!

  Length: 4:39

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KOLR-10 News (St Jude's)
April 26, 2003

Very brief clip of Josh visiting St. Jude's Children's Hospital following the "Shower of Stars" event in Memphis, TN.

  Length: 0:12

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E Talk Live (Canada)
April 8, 2003

Brilliant, revealing interview with Josh on E Talk

Clip 1--Growing up in LA, performing in musical theater Length: 3:51

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Clip 2--Filling in for Bocelli at the Grammies, working with David Foster Length: 7:24

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Clip 3--Defining his style and his music Length: 4:35

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Clip 4--The fans, female attention, dream collaborations, Ally, the Olympics, and fate Length: 6:32

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Josh's Message to the Troops
March 15, 2003

Very short clip of Josh sending a message to the troops at war during the closing credits of Access Hollywood

  Length: 0:05

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Celine Dion Opening Night
March 20, 2003

Brief interview with Josh and other celebrities at the opening night of Celine's show in Las Vegas

  Length: 1:54

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GMTV (United Kingdom)
March 10, 2003

Josh discusses the incredible year he had following the release of his first CD, building his fan base in Europe, and then gives a beautiful performance of "You're Still You."

  Length: 5:59

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The Kelly Show (Belfast, Ireland)   
March 10, 2003

Josh gives a brief interview on this popular morning show in Ireland and discusses how fans on the internet helped to kick-start his career after the season finale of Ally McBeal, then performs "You're Still You."
Note: This show is the version of GMTV aired in Ireland, so this is the same musical performance as in the GMTV clip from the UK, above, only with a different interview.

  Length: 5:52

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CBC Canada- "The Interview on the Bed"
February 18, 2003

Josh talks about his musical influences, his music, and his fans. This is the source of the "They're mine and I'm theirs" quote.
This clip courtesy of CBC Canada website.

  Length: 22:55

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Pulse24.com Interview

Very sweet interview where Josh discusses the Grobanites, his start with David Foster, and his first concert tour

  Length: 1:44

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CTV Canada Clip
February 18, 2003

Josh shares his tips for staying healthy and balanced while performing

  Length: 1:10

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Canada AM/CTV
February 18, 2003

"You're Still You" Length: 6:26

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A beautifully staged performance of "Vincent" Length: 5:08

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Des & Mel Show #1 (United Kingdom)
January 24, 2003

Brief interview with Josh about his career and categorizing his music before he sings "To Where You Are"

  Length: 6:58

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Celebrity Justice #1
January 18, 2003

Josh gives his thoughts on bad lip-synching...funny!

  Length: 0:38

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American Music Awards   
January 13, 2003

Josh and Vanessa Carlton present the award for Favorite Soundtrack Length: 1:43

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Josh and his date Amanda speak to a reporter before the awards show about his music and success Length: 0:53

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Teen People Valentine's Day Clip
January 13, 2003

Josh discusses his experience with gift-giving at Valentine's Day. (Psst...in the future, Josh...just try FLOWERS!)

  Length: 0:31

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People's Choice Awards
January 12, 2003

Josh presents an award to Faith Hill

  Length: 1:21

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People's Choice Awards Preshow/Red Carpet on E!
January 12, 2003

Josh is interviewed by Joan Rivers

  Length: 1:53

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La Legende Des Voix (France)
January 9, 2003

Josh performs "Gira Con Me"

  Length: 6:41

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