2003 Videos, May - August


June 2, 2003

Josh talks about his love of video games and what he's playing at the moment

  Length: 0:42

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Enfant Soleil Telethon (Canada)
June 1, 2003

Josh gives a great performance of "To Where You Are" at this telethon in Quebec

  Length: 5:57

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Verstehen Sie Spass (Germany)
May 17, 2003

A beautiful performance of "You're Still You" on German TV

  Length: 4:50

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Barend En Van Dorp (Holland)
May 14, 2003

Very brief performance of Josh singing one verse of "Broken Vow" Length: 0:45

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Lovely performance of "To Where You Are" Length: 4:15

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"Unsung Heroes" Contest Commercial
May, 2003

Commercial from the Hollywood Bowl in which Josh presents the Music Matters contest for "Unsung Heroes," teachers who use music in the classroom to make a difference in their students' lives

  Length: 0:30

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