2003 Videos, September - December


The Tonight Show #2
December 18, 2003

Josh performs You Raise Me Up

  Length: 4:08

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December 16, 2003

Josh discusses the release of Closer, when he sold 116,000 the first day, and how fame has changed his life

  Length: 1:11

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Sharon Osborne Show
December 15, 2003

Josh performs "Per Te"Length: 3:34

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The infamous "Per Hee Haw Te" interview! Josh discusses the writing of Per Te, romantic songs, his girlfriend, and his upcoming tour. Hysterical! Length: 5:58

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Ellen Degeneres Show
December 4, 2003

Josh performs "You Raise Me Up"

  Length: 4:06

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Holiday Message from Josh    
December, 2003

Brief video greeting recorded by Josh for his fans at Christmas

  Length: 0:21

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Closer Commercial from Norway

Great TV commercial for Closer which aired in Norway

  Length: 0:30

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Closer Christmas Commercial

TV commercial for Closer aired internationally during the Christmas season

  Length: 0:31

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"She's Out of My Life" Video

Josh's great music video for "She's Out of My Life"

  Length: 3:29

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Access Hollywood #2
November 28, 2003

Great profile describing Josh's music, selling over 350,000 copies of "Closer" in its first week, with a brief interview where Josh is embarrassed by questions about being a sex symbol.

  Length: 1:06

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Entertainment Tonight #2
November 28, 2003

Brief clip of Josh's music video for "You Raise Me Up" and Josh discussing using his old high school choir for the video shoot

  Length: 0:38

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Des & Mel Show #2 (United Kingdom)
November 25, 2003

Josh performs "You Raise Me Up"

  Length: 4:03

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Bingolotto #2 (Sweden)    
November 22, 2003

Josh gives a spectacular performance of "You Raise Me Up" and then receives a special surprise--his GOLD record in Sweden.
Many thanks to MALIN for providing this clip!

  Length: 4:14

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Star Academy (France)
November 22, 2003

A beautiful and intimate live performance of "Hymne a L'Amour"

Shorter version Length: 3:26

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Extended Version Length: 3:56

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Forst & Sist Interview (Norway)
November 21, 2003

Very nice, lighthearted interview from Norway; Josh discusses his song "You Raise Me Up," which was written by Norwegian Rolf Lovland, avoiding the flu, and his goals. Josh gracefully sidesteps a flirtatious hostess who tries to talk him into a role on "Sex and the City." ("Rawrrrr".... LOL)

  Length: 10:46

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"Night at the Proms" (France)
November 21, 2003

Josh gives a captivating performance of "Hymne a L'Amour"...beautiful!!

  Length: 4:28

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Dans La Lumiere (France)
November 17, 2003

Another breathtaking performance of "Hymne a L'Amour"

  Length: 4:59

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The View #2
November 13, 2003

Josh's interview with the ladies of The View Length: 2:43

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"Per Te" Length: 4:14

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Good Morning America #2
November 11, 2003

Spotlight on Josh and fans before the performance Length: 2:40

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"You Raise Me Up" Length: 5:57

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"Oceano" Length: 4:09

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KSTP Interview (Minneapolis)
November 7, 2003

Cute, cute, CUTE!! Great interview where Josh talks about the start of his tour, beer and kareoke, and a cage match with Clay Aiken! (My money is on Josh for that one! LOL)

  Length: 3:15

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KSTU TV "Good Day Utah" Interview (Salt Lake City)
November 7, 2003

Interview with Josh from New York City via satellite, where he discusses the release of Closer, sudden success, and his career highlights

  Length: 3:09

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WLS-TV Interview (Chicago)
November 7, 2003

Josh talks about the release of Closer, his big break with Celine, his feelings about the fans, and career highlights

  Length: 3:18

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Closer EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
November 2003

Great overview of the making of Closer. Includes some clips from the "Closer DVD".

  Length: 7:30

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Oceano Video
November 2003

Beautiful clips from the "Closer DVD". set to "Oceano" and a brief interview with AOL's Chris Douridas

  Length: 2:41

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"Remember When It Rained" on Amazon.com
November 2003

See Josh's performance of this great song on Amazon.com

  Length: 3:14

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"Per Te" Video

This is Josh's beautiful and moving video for "Per Te" filmed at the Orpheum Theater at the same time as the "You Raise Me Up" video

  Length: 4:17

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"You Raise Me Up"` Video

Josh's beautiful music video that helped send "YRMU" to #1!

  Length: 4:47

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October 15, 2003

Brief mention of Josh's performance at the Disney Concert Hall gala, and his girlfriend, January Jones

  Length: 0:11

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Disney Concert Hall Opening Gala
October 25, 2003

Josh gives a breathtaking performance of "An Affair to Remember" with conductor John Williams

  Length: 4:06

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CNN Headline News
October 22, 2003

Brief report about the release of "Closer," showing a clip of Josh singing "You Raise Me Up."

  Length: 1:01

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Josh's "Update from the Studio" Video
September 5, 2003

Special video created for the fans of Josh's website; Josh and David Foster answer fans' questions and talk about his upcoming album ("Closer"), the special gift given to him by the fans, and his new car

Part 1 Length: 19:59

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Part 2 Length: 21:50

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Broadway Beat
September, 2003

Watch a clip featuring Josh's debut performance on Broadway as Anatoly in The Actor's Fund's "Chess!"

  Length: 4:01

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