2003 Audio


CJEZ- 97.3 EZ Rock Interview (Toronto)
November 14, 2003

Josh discusses his CD signing at Shearway Gardens in Toronto, meeting the fans, his first concert tour, the meaning behind the title "Closer," and his Christmas song "O Holy Night"

  Length: 4:34

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CFRB Interview NewsTalk 1010 (Toronto)
November 14, 2003

Great interview where Josh talks about his signing at Shearway Gardens, classifying his music, mastering new languages, his phenomenal CD sales the first week, his upcoming trip to France, his new tour, and the secret to attracting female fans.

  Length: 5:08

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Josh Groban Radio Special
November, 2003

Josh gives his thoughts about the tracks on Closer as each song is played

  Length: 10:55

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"An Affair to Remember"
October 25, 2003

Josh performs with the LA Philharmonic at the Inaugural Gala for the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles

  Length: 3:10

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Casey Casem "To Where You Are"
August 31, 2003

Casey spotlights the one year anniversary of "To Where You Are" reaching the #1 spot on the charts

  Length: 0:50

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The V-Show Radio Interview
May 3, 2003

Josh on ESPN radio's V-Show from the Kentucky Derby, where he discusses how his voice doesn't match his body, acting, and opera vs. pop music

  Length: 5:34

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WASH FM Interview (Washington, DC)
February 23, 2003

Josh discusses his voice changing, his whirlwind career, his start with David Foster, and writing music.

  Length: 5:15

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KRWM - WARM 106.9 Interview (Seattle, WA)
February 14, 2003

Josh discusses the People's Choice Awards, the success of his first CD, fervent fans, staying grounded, accomplishing his goals, and his hopes for his second CD and tour.

  Length: 7:50

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John Tesh Interview
February 8, 2003

Radio interview where Josh talks about his start with David Foster, "disturbing sushi," (LOL) and the meaning behind "To Where You Are"

  Length: 4:40

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