2004 Videos, January - April


Best Hits Interview (Japan)
April 8, 2004

A great interview with Josh where he talks about hearing his voice on his album for the first time

  Length: 3:33

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Good Morning America #3
April 6, 2004

Beautiful performances of "Remember When It Rained" and "Per Te" plus a brief interview.

  Length: 10:19

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Bob Costas "On the Record" Show
April 2, 2004

Great interview where Josh talks about his tour, his career, and being a reluctant heartthrob. Also, a great performance of "Per Te!"

  Length: 8:07

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Shaberanight Interview (Japan)
March 29, 2004

Another adorable interview from Japan.. Josh talks about growing up singing, and sings "The Wheels on the Bus"!

  Length: 4:21

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VH1 All Access
March 15, 2004

Great program where Josh talks about his career, his music, touring, relationships, and stage fright.

Part 1 Length: 11:20

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Part 2 Length: 6:11

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Part 3 Length: 3:37

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Tokyo FM Radio Interview    
March 6, 2004

Josh starts off by singing "You Raise Me Up" a capella (very nice!) and then discusses his birthday, "Closer" going #1 in America, "popera," Tokyo, rock music, singing in four languages, duet partners, and the live tour.

  Length: 15:47

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NHK Studio Park (Japan)
March 5, 2004

"You Raise Me Up" Length: 3:38

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Interview #1 Length: 3:37

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"Per Te" Length: 4:16

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Interview #2 Length: 4:30

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"Remember When It Rained" Length: 4:46

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NTV Shiodome Style Interview (Japan)
March 4, 2004

Josh talks about visiting Tokyo, Japanese food and language (and he speaks in Japanese!) The rest of the interview is in Japanese, but it appears they took an email from a fan, who sent a picture of her dog (?) Difficult to understand the interview without speaking the language, but very cute nonetheless.

  Length: 3:12

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Excite Japan Interview
March, 2004

Intimate interview with Josh from the Excite! Japan website, where he discusses healing through music, his hobbies, Closer, and future plans

  Length: 3:22

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Wetten Das ...? (Germany)
February 28, 2004

Amazing performance of "Caruso" on German television

  Length: 5:08

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Austria TV Interview
February 28, 2004

Interview where Josh receives a birthday cake (and can't blow out the candles..HA!) and discusses his album

  Length: 9:47

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ET Spotlight After Oprah's Birthday
February 6, 2004

Brief clip where Josh talks about the "gift" he got from Oprah

  Length: 0:15

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Oprah's Birthday Show
February 6, 2004

Josh surprises Oprah with a performance of "You Raise Me Up"

  Length: 4:53

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Superbowl Preshow
February 1, 2004

Josh's moving performance of "You Raise Me Up" during the Superbowl 2004 preshow tribute to the NASA Space Shuttle crew

  Length: 3:14

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Inside Edition
February 1, 2004

Brief interview with Josh backstage before the Superbowl preshow

  Length: 0:24

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Closer Valentine's Day Commercial
February, 2004

Commercial for "Closer" for Valentine's Day

  Length: 0:29

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Sessions@AOL 2004
January 18, 2004

Interview Length: 5:32

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"Remember When It Rained" Length: 4:35

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"Mi Mancherai" Length: 5:57

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"Mi Morena" Length: 4:40

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"Per Te" Length: 4:13

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KTLA-5 TV Interview
January 7, 2004

Josh discusses his very first solo experience and changing the world of pop music

  Length: 2:15

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Commercial for Closer Tour and CD
January, 2004

Great commerical for the tour and Closer CD that aired in the US

  Length: 0:59

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Only Hit Music Commercial for "Closer"
January, 2004

Great commercial featuring several songs from "Closer" and clips from his videos

  Length: 0:54

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