2004 Videos, September - December


Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve
December 31, 2004

Josh helps ring in the New Year with a beautiful, heartfelt performance of "You Raise Me Up," recorded at the Greek Theater.

  Length: 4:10

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Good Morning America #4
December 24, 2004

Josh gives a brilliant Christmas Eve performance of "Believe," then gives a brief interview before performing "America." The show finishes off with a fun round of "Jingle Bells" led by Josh and pianist Zachary Provost.

"Believe" Length: 3:36

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Interview and "America" Length: 4:45

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"Jingle Bells" with the GMA cast and audience Length: 0:53

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Royal Variety Show (London)
December 14, 2004

Josh gives a stunning performance of "Oceano" at this prestigious charity event hosted by the British Royal Family and televised on BBC
Huge thanks to ERIC and KIMBERLEY..

  Length: 4:48

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Celebrity Justice #2
December 3, 2004

Very cute clip! Live from the Polar Express UK Premiere, a slightly frozen Josh gives his thoughts on walking the red carpet.

  Length: 0:41

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PBS Special: Live at the Greek
December 2, 2004

Josh's fantastic concert, filmed September 11, 2004 at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, was aired on PBS as part of its Great Performances series. These clips cannot be downloaded but can be viewed, courtesy of PCPlanets.com.

"Oceano" Length: 1:41

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"America" Length: 3:31

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2004 PBS Great Performances Interviews
December 2, 2004

Fantastic interview! During the breaks in the PBS pledge drive airing of "Josh Groban Live at the Greek," Josh discusses his love of PBS programming, the best and worst of touring, and writing his own music.
Many thanks to DARYL!

  Length: 13:09

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46664 Appeal (with Nelson Mandela)
November 29, 2004

Josh delivers a heartfelt message about the global HIV/AIDS crisis, on behalf of the 46664 project.
Many thanks to IRENE.
Please visit the Sympatico/MSN Music website to find out more about the 46664 Concert and how you can help with the fight against HIV/AIDS.

  Length: 0:45

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3 Talk Interview (South Africa)
November 29, 2004

Utterly ENCHANTING interview on this popular afternoon talk show in South Africa. Fans call in to the show to share their feelings about Josh and his music, while Josh discusses his life, his music, his tour, and his impressions of South Africa. Funny, endearing, and honest...as always. One of the best interviews of 2004!
Enormous thanks to ANDREA in South Africa!

Clip 1--His thoughts on Africa, meeting Nelson Mandela, looking younger than people expect, stage fright, and pre-performance rituals; includes the "Introduction to Josh Groban" clip Length: 12:18

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Clip 2--Calls from viewers and discussions of the emotion in music, Ally McBeal, and the meaning of "Mi Mancherai"; ends with a clip of the "To Where You Are" video Length: 8:35

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Clip 3--Performance pressure, the "life-altering" experience of his visit to the South African feeding schemes, and his desire to work with South African musicians on future recordings Length: 6:52

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Clip 4--His feelings on privacy, answering personal questions, the effects of fame, and how his family helps keep him grounded Length: 4:37

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Clip 5--Drumming, playing other instruments, career highlights, "luck vs. talent," the impact of "To Where You Are," and his advice to young people who idolize him Length: 5:34

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Josh Groban: Live Tour TV Promo
November 29, 2004

Television commercial for Josh's upcoming "Josh Groban: Live Tour," featuring music and scenes from his amazing new DVD/CD, "Josh Groban: Live at the Greek."
Thanks to JANEEN.

  Length: 0:32

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Keep A Child Alive
November 28, 2004

Josh gives a brief appeal for support of the Keep A Child Alive charity, which provides medical treatment for children with HIV/AIDS in Africa.
Visit the Keep A Child Alive website to help support this wonderful cause.
Thanks to CONNIE.

  Length: 0:25

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BBC Children in Need Appeal (United Kingdom)
November 19, 2004

Josh performs "You Raise Me Up" at this charity event, helping to raise over $17 million for kids in need all across the UK.
Thanks to KIMBERLEY!

  Length: 4:21

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Des & Mel Show #3 (United Kingdom)
November 18, 2004

Adorable interview on this popular UK morning show, where Josh discusses playing several instruments, sings scat, and talks about Polar Express and his world tour!
Huge thanks to KIMBERLEY!

Interview Length: 5:33

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"Believe" Length: 3:34

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UK Premiere of Polar Express
November 17, 2004

Josh walks the red carpet with Tom Hanks, Robert Zemekis, other cast and performers at the opening of The Polar Express in London.

This clip courtesy of the Polar Express website

  Length: 2:59

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E! News Live Post-AMAs
November 14, 2004

Josh talks about being surrounded by stars at the ceremony

  Length: 1:56

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2004 American Music Awards
November 14, 2004

Josh's breathtaking performance of "Remember When It Rained"

"Remember When It Rained" Length: 4:04

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Hysterical pre-performance skit with Josh, Snoop Dogg, and Bobby Brown Length: 1:24

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E! Preshow Red Carpet
November 14, 2004

Josh and other stars on the red carpet discuss the achievement award given to Bon Jovi...and Josh rocks out a little!

  Length: 3:59

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KABC-7 AMA Red Carpet
November 14, 2004

Very cute clip with Josh on the red carpet before he goes into the American Music Awards
Special thanks to SANDY!

  Length: 1:05

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November 13, 2004

Great spotlight interview with Josh as he rehearses for the American Music Awards

  Length: 2:24

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American Music Awards Rehearsals
November 11, 2004

Clip #1 of Josh rehearsing "Remember When It Rained" Length: 1:30

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Clip #2 of rehearsals Length: 1:22

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Conan O'Brien Show
November 10, 2004

Josh gives a beautiful, powerful performance of "Remember When It Rained"

  Length: 4:42

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Oprah #2
October 26, 2004

Josh gives a breathtaking performance of his new song, "Believe," from the Polar Express movie.

  Length: 5:05

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October 25, 2004

Coverage of the Carousel of Hope Ball, showing Josh singing "Alla Luce del Sole." Blink and you'll miss him!

  Length: 1:19

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Tony Danza Show Clip
October 25, 2004

Very brief clip of Josh singing at the Carousel of Hope Ball, which aired on the Tony Danza Show

  Length: 0:56

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World Music Awards
September 15, 2004

Josh gives a powerhouse performance of "You Raise Me Up" at this awards ceremony, where he was also nominated as "World's Best Male Artist."
Many thanks to SANDY!

  Length: 3:51

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Josh accepts AOL Red Award
September 15, 2004

Adorable clip of Josh backstage at the World Music Awards, where he accepts his very first award--the AOL Red Award--for being the fan's choice..... and he RAPS "Nessun Dorma!"

  Length: 1:22

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Good Day LA
September 8, 2004

Josh tries to get a word in while trading laughs with KOST 103.5's Mark and Kim in this interview on LA's local morning show.
Thanks to SANDY!

  Length: 5:47

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Good Day Live
September 8, 2004

Great interview from LA where Josh discusses his childhood, "Cheerio rehab," touring, and his girlfriend.

  Length: 8:18

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Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon
September 5, 2004

Josh performs live in concert via satellite for the Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon
Thanks to Ellen!

"Remember When It Rained" Length: 5:28

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"You Raise Me Up" Length: 5:23

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