2004 Audio


KOST 103.5 #4 - Mark & Kim Birthday Call
November 15, 2004

Fantastic interview! Josh calls in to wish the KOST studio a happy 22nd birthday, and discusses his performance on the AMAs, the Clive Davis after-party, and future plans to write his own music.
Special thanks to KOST "Mark & Kim" producer RODRIGO for providing this clip!

  Length: 5:33

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Josh Groban: Live Tour Radio Promos
November 29, 2004

Great radio commercial to promote Josh's "diverse, distinctive, powerful" new tour

30-second radio spot Length: 0:30

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60-second radio spot Length: 0:60

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KQRS Radio (Minnesota)
November 10, 2004

Very brief, very cute little clip of Josh talking about "The Polar Express" and being "the rock star to the housewives of America."

  Length: 1:44

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KOST 103.5 #3 Breakfast with Mark & Kim
September 8, 2004

Josh visits the KOST Kafe for breakfast and a great interview with the KOST crew and some lucky Grobanites.

Clip 1--Preshow, talking to fans and waiting for Josh Length: 6:32

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Show Clip 1 Length: 9:00

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Show Clip 2 Length: 13:15

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Show Clip 3 Length: 9:11

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Show Clip 4 Length: 9:11

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Show Clip 5 Length: 3.43

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Show Clip 6 Length: 6:04

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KOST 103.5 #2 - Tribute to Ronald Reagan
June, 2004

Josh's song "To Where You Are" was used in a tribute to Ronald Reagan

  Length: 4:08

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"Remember Me" Clip from AOL
June 2004

A first look at the theme from the movie "Troy," sung by Josh

  Length: 0:26

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Z100 Radio Interview in NYC
April 2004

Absolutely hysterical and revealing interview on Z100 in New York following Josh's sold-out show at Radio City Music Hall

  Length: 17:35

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Delilah Radio Show #3
February 19, 2004

Josh talks and laughs with Delilah about obsessive Grobanites, his tour, his relationship, and his music

Part 1 Length: 4:49

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Part 2 Length: 4:35

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Part 3 Length: 2:53

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Part 4 Length: 4:49

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Radio-2 UK "Class of 2003" Interview
January 7, 2004

Josh talks about acting on Ally, singing in different languages, avoiding the "cheese factor" in his songs, and getting the music out to the people

  Length: 9:47

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Dave Til Dawn Interview #2
Early 2004

A great radio interview with Josh, where he talks about his start, his tour, and his music

Part 1 - The Personal Stuff Length: 2:17

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Part 2 - His Tour and Preparation Length: 3:13

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Part 3 - Josh Remembers His Early Days Length: 2:24

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