2005 Videos, January - April


VH1 Save the Music Concert
April 17, 2005

AMAZING! Josh flexes his rock star muscles and tears down the house at this concert to benefit Save the Music, which promotes music education in public schools.

Backstage preshow/rehearsal clip Length: 3:22

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"Canto Alla Vita"...and DRUMS!! Length: 5:40

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"Downtown Train" Length: 1:52

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"Stay With Me" Length: 3:51

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Entertainment Tonight #4 (VH1 Dressing Room Clip)
April 13, 2005

Entertainment Tonight speaks with Josh in his dressing room following the VH1 Save the Music concert. Josh shows off his "Rod Stewart falsetto" and reveals a sweet tooth....

  Length: 1:15

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Extra #4 (VH1 Concert Clip)
April 13, 2005

Extra talks to performers backstage at VH1's Save the Music Concert and provides brief highlights from the show, including Josh's group performance on "Stay with Me."

  Length: 1:20

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Entertainment Tonight #3 (VH1 Concert Clip)
April 13, 2005

Great little clip of ET's coverage of VH1's Save the Music Concert, showing Josh backstage and singing Rod Stewart's "Downtown Train," and "Stay with Me."

  Length: 1:03

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Oprah "Wildest Dreams" Episode
March 2, 2005

Without a doubt, the most ADORABLE episode ever! Oprah enlists Josh's help to make her friend Gayle King's "wildest dream" come true--a private performance of "When You Say You Love Me!"

  Length: 8:16

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GMA Post-Oscars Party Clip   
February 28, 2005

Josh is interviewed very briefly in this Good Morning America coverage of the Oscars after-parties, and shown chatting with Elton John.
Thanks to SANDY for the clip!

  Length: 2:27

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E! Vanity Fair Post-Oscars Party   
February 27, 2005

Great little interview with Josh as he arrives at the party thrown by Vanity Fair after the Oscars. Josh gives his thoughts on the show, meeting other stars, the winners, and the album he's looking forward to.
Thanks to SANDY for the clip!

  Length: 2:03

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Oscars Performance
February 27, 2005

BRILLIANT!! Josh gives an amazing performance of the Oscar-nominated song, "Believe," with Beyonce.

  Length: 3:55

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German TV- Oscars Red Carpet Interview   
February 27, 2005

Cute clip which aired live on German television, where Josh talks about singing in German, his recent concert in Germany, and sings a little clip of "Believe."
Many thanks to KATRIN for providing this clip!

  Length: 1:29

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TVGuide Channel Oscars Red Carpet Interview
February 27, 2005

Josh talks with Joan Rivers about finding his "big voice" and singing with Beyonce at the Oscars.

  Length: 1:31

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WGN Oscars Red Carpet Interview   
February 27, 2005

Great interview with Josh where he discusses performing at the Oscars for the first time, nerves, and which stars he'd like to meet.

  Length: 4:39

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Pre-Oscars Entertainment Tonight Interview
February 25, 2005

Adorable interview as Josh talks with Mary Hart about singing "Believe" with Beyonce at the Oscars, doing the "booty dance," and celebrating his birthday with his brother, Chris. Josh sings clips of "Believe" (a capella) and "America" at the piano.

  Length: 2:18

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Dennis Miller CNBC Golden Globes Clip
January 18, 2005

And the award for "Best Sport In the Face of Inane Questions" goes to...Josh Groban! Josh displays his typical quick wit in this irreverent little clip from the Golden Globes red carpet with Ant from the Dennis Miller Show.

  Length: 0:26

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Tonight Show Golden Globes Clip
January 17, 2005

Josh has a brief but very funny little interaction with Ross from The Tonight Show while walking the red carpet before the Golden Globes award ceremony. (I wonder if "Fancy Nails" will be on the next CD....)
Many thanks to TRISH for getting this clip to me!

  Length: 0:40

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Tsunami Aid: A Concert for Hope
January 15, 2005

Josh gives an extremely moving performance of "To Where You Are" at this benefit concert to aid the victims of the tsunami disaster.

Please make a donation to the American Red Cross to help the relief efforts for victims of the tsunami. Audio clips of all concert performances are available at Connect.com, with all proceeds going to the relief effort.

  Length: 3:26

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Tsunami "Tears in Heaven" Video
January, 2005

Josh joins other artists in this emotional appeal to benefit tsunami victims through Save The Children.

Please lend your support to Save The Children.

  Length: 4:47

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