2005 Videos, May - August


Tanglewood Meet & Greet
August 27, 2005

Josh speaks with fans at the Grobanite Meet & Greet following his awesome performance with the Boston Pops at "Film Night at Tanglewood"...and gets serenaded!

THANKS to so many people who sent me their recordings and helped me to get these clips--CATHY & KARL HAMMOND, LOIS (loish), SANDI, and KIM LEVIN, and to ANNIE JASPER for giving her permission to share the clip of her great song performance!

Video 1--Lois's recording Length: 9:57

Windows MediaDownload (37.4mb)

Video 2--Kim's recording Length: 7:31

Windows MediaDownload (28.7mb)

RTE One "YRMU" Show (Ireland)
2005, Air date undetermined

AMAZING video showing the history and background of "You Raise Me Up," including interviews with Brendan Graham, Rolf Lovland, Josh, David Foster, Brian Avnet, and others.
HUGE thanks to ALF and KIMBERLEY for providing this video!

Segment 1 - The inspiration and creation of "You Raise Me Up" Length: 7:27

Windows MediaDownload (19.1mb)

Segment 2 - The song is released - and makes its way to Josh Length: 6:05

Windows MediaDownload (15.7mb)

Segment 3 - More on the writers, interpretations of YRMU, and its appeal Length: 10:26

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Live8 BBC Graham Norton Interview
July 2, 2005

Brief interview where Josh discusses his feelings about singing on this momentous occasion
Thanks to ALF and KIMBERLEY for providing this clip!
Note: This clip has "skips" in a few places that were on the source tape and couldn't be edited out; I am trying to locate a better copy. . .

  Length: 0:28

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Live8 Performance
July 2, 2005

This clip is not available for download, since it is now available for sale on the Live8 DVD, with proceeds benefitting the charity.


Live8 ABC Clips
July 1, 2005

Collection of very brief, but very cute, clips of Josh being interviewed during the rehearsals for Live8
Thanks to SANDRAKAY for providing these clips!

Clip 1--His hopes for the show Length: 0:30

Windows MediaDownload (2.0mb)

Clip 2--Josh with Rob Thomas Length: 0:34

Windows MediaDownload (2.2mb)

Clip 3--A preview of "Angel"--a capella! Length: 0:21

Windows MediaDownload (1.4mb)

Clip 4--Rehearsing with Sarah, while Grobanites look on Length: 0:17

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LIVE8 Rehearsal Clip #2
July 1, 2005

Clips and interviews with Josh and Sarah McLachlan as they prepare for the LIVE8 concert in Philadelphia
Clip courtesy of NBC 10 News website.

  Length: 2:31

Windows MediaDownload (9.3mb)

LIVE8 Rehearsal Clip #1
July 1, 2005

Short clip of Josh singing a heavenly duet of "Angel" with Sarah McLachlan at rehearsals for the LIVE8 charity concert.
Clip courtesy of NBC 10 News website.

  Length: 1:07

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American Dad Episode Clip
June 19, 2005

Josh lends his voice as the "Whiny Parishioner" to this prime-time animated series. Great job--it sounds nothing like him!! (and if you still can't tell from the clip, he's the "but whyyyyyyy? guy! )
Due to the irreverent nature of the show, this clip has been edited to Josh's scenes only.

  Length: 0:38

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WAVE3 Kentucky Derby Interview
May 6, 2005

A very enthusiastic local reporter speaks with Josh as he arrives at Churchill Downs (and Josh makes "Betty" a happy woman!)
Thanks to VERONICA for sending me this clip!

  Length: 1:42

Windows MediaDownload (6.5mb)

Kentucky Derby Interview
May 6, 2005

Brief interview with Josh at the races, where he discusses his love for the Derby and Louisville
This clip courtesy of the kentuckyderby.com website.

  Length: 0:45

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WAVE3 Barnstable Brown Party
May 6, 2005

Footage of Josh and other celebrities at the most prestigious Derby party in Louisville

  Length: 2:04

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Today Show (Australia) Interview
May 5, 2005

Wonderful interview where Josh discusses life after the tour, the challenges of performing live, plans for his next CD and tour....and haunted beds.

  Length: 10:58

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