2005 Videos, September - December


Grammy Jam
December 10, 2005

Josh is interviewed briefly on the red carpet about the influence of Stevie Wonder on the world of music.

  Length: 1:33

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Knitting Factory Clip
November 5, 2005

Brief clip of Josh performing on drums with cast members of "Deadwood" at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. LOVE the cowboy hat!!
This clip courtesy and ©TMZ.com

  Length: 0:34

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Extra #5 (World Series)
October 22, 2005

Brief clip of an enthusiastic Josh just after his brilliant performance at the World Series
Many thanks to JESSICA for sending me this clip!

  Length: 1:33

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2005 World Series
October 22, 2005

Josh gives an absolutely FLAWLESS performance of the National Anthem at the opening game of the World Series.

  Length: 2:36

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Today Show
September 26, 2005

Josh performs in "Humanity Plaza" in NYC on the Today Show, kicking off NBC's week-long coverage of Katrina relief efforts and a fantastic effort by Habitat for Humanity to construct homes for hurricane victims.

Segment 1 - Interview with Josh and Tracey Chapman Length: 1:49

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Segment 2 - "America" Length: 3:06

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Segment 3 - "Smile"
Huge thanks to "PixyStix4Josh" for sending me an uncut copy of this clip!
Length: 4:05

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Larry King Live #3
September 29, 2005

This beautiful tribute to the victims of Hurricane Katrina features a performance of "Angel" by Josh and Sarah McLachlan at the David Foster Foundation Charity Gala.
Thanks to CAROL (cheekymonkie) for sending me this clip!

  Length: 5:42

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Hurricane Katrina Appeal
September 9, 2005

Josh shares a personal message to fans on his websites, asking for their help in aiding the Katrina relief efforts

  Length: 0:44

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