2006 Videos, September - December


Access Hollywood #4
December 28, 2006

Josh introduces his "touring buddy," Sweeney, rehearses with his band, and contemplates a collaboration with ...Jay-Z?

  Length: 1:42

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Kennedy Center Honors
December 26, 2006

Josh performs "Music Of The Night" in a beautiful tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber.

  Length: 2:22

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Good Morning America #7
December 25, 2006

Josh performs "I'll Be Home For Christmas"

  Length: 2:50

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3nach9 Clip (Bremen, Germany)
December 15, 2006

Josh performs "You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)"

  Length: 4:10

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Torgen Meet & Greet (Berlin, Germany)
December 14, 2006

Josh meets with a special fan and tours the city of Berlin

Read an English translation here, on the Josh Groban message boards

  Length: 2:25

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December 11, 2006

"So She Dances" and interview Length: 9:09

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"For Once In My Life" with Carrie Underwood, Michael Buble, and Tony Bennett Length: 3:16

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Josh tells what's on his iPod Length: :23

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Bingolotto (Sweden)
December 10, 2006

"You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)" Length: 4:02

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"You Raise Me Up" Length: 3:42

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Miss France Pageant
December 10, 2006

"You Raise Me Up"

  Length: 4:10

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RTV-TVI Clip (Belgium)
December 9, 2006

Great promotional clips of "Awake" with some brief interviews with Josh (in French)

  Length: 2:07

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Senkveld (Oslo, Norway)
December 8, 2006

"You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)" Length: 4:47

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Interview--Josh discusses Oprah, private life, his Norwegian heritage, meets his "twin," and tries some traditional Norwegian Christmas dishes Length: 9:09

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TV Guide Channel
December 7, 2006

  Length: 2:07

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MTV Asia
December, 2006

Josh as "Featured Artist of the Month" on MTV Asia

  Length: 0:46

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Novum Interview (Netherlands)
November , 2006

Great little internet interview where Josh discusses "growing up quickly," his family, and his music.

  Length: 5:22

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Max and Martine (Netherlands)
November 27, 2006

Josh performs "You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) on this popular Dutch TV program.

  Length: 5:22

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Star Academy (France)
November 24, 2006

Josh performs a lovely duet of "You Raise Me Up" with Star Academy contestant Cyril Length: 3:15

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Ensemble performance of "On Ira" Length: 3:58

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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
November 23, 2006

Josh discusses his participation in the JCPenney First Gift of the Season program and performs "You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)"

  Length: 5:31

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Entertainment Tonight #5 (Awake Promo)
November 23, 2006

Josh talks about being a "hopeless romantic" and a "workaholic," and discusses the making of "Awake".

  Length: 1:26

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WZZM13 (Grand Rapids, MI)
November 21, 2006

Josh talks about his upcoming appearance at the American Music Awards, the performers he's excited to see, the release of "Awake," and his upcoming tour.

  Length: 3:02

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Jimmy Kimmel (post-AMAs)
November 21, 2006

Very brief but cute skit that appeared on Kimmel with "Guillermo" after the AMAs

  Length: 0:29

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American Music Awards #3
November 21, 2006

"February Song" Length: 4:15

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Today #2 (Australia)
November 17, 2006

Josh discusses how he learned that he had a gift, being a "student of singing," how he stays grounded, and staying out of the tabloids.

  Length: 5:09

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Tonight Show with Jay Leno #3
November 16, 2006

"You Are Loved" Length: 3:47

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Brisant (Germany)
November 15, 2006

Interview in German; Josh discusses family, fans, South Africa, and the importance of "giving as much as you receive".

  Length: 2:59

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Live with Regis & Kelly #2
November 10, 2006

"Un Dia Llegara" Length: 3:07

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Interview Length: 2:09

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Good Morning America #6 - Awake Promo
November 8, 2006

A clip of "Machine" Length: 0:36

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"You Are Loved" Length: 4:11

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Interview and "February Song" Length: 5:12

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Infomax (Montreal)
November 1, 2006

Great interview with Josh discussing the making of "Awake," juggling, touring, and the Simpsons.

  Length: 3:47

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February Song Music Video
November, 2006


  Length: 4:07

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You Are Loved Music Video
November, 2006


Length: 3:56

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Awake Promo Clips
November, 2006

Clip 1 Length: 2:10

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Clip 2 (Netherlands) Length: 3:24

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Clip 3 (Norway) Length: 0:20

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Clip 4 (Borders Ad) Length: 8:50

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Clip 5 (Netherlands) Length: 0:20

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Clip 6 (France) Length: 0:19

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Classic95 FM (Singapore)
October 31, 2006

Great series of clips, with Josh discussing his influences, love, his family, success, the meaning of his songs on "Awake," drumming, his interests, the Simpsons, and his fans, among other things.

  Length: 21:21

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CBC News - The Hour
October 31, 2006

Fantastic, fun interview with The Hour's George Stroumboulopoulos! Josh talks about meeting Mandela, global awareness, his new album, his charitable foundation, his fears, and his fans. Starts off with a great bio/recap of Josh's career.
Please visit the The Hour website for more information and great celebrity interviews.

  Length: 10:07

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ENews - Awake Promotion
October 25, 2006

Josh discusses the upcoming release of his new album, "Awake," the new tour, his "best friend," marriage proposals, and mistaken identities. Includes clips of Josh performing "You Are Loved" and "February Song."

  Length: 1:51

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Torgen Interview (Berlin)
September 28, 2006

Brilliant, candid interview from Berlin, where Josh discusses the meaning of his new album title ("Awake"), family, his "perfect day," and what's on his nightstand...among other things.

Part 1 Length: 8:37

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Part 2 Length: 9:03

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ETalk - Toronto Film Festival
September 11, 2006

Josh and other celebrities give their reflections on the tragedy of September 11th.

  Length: 0:55

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ETalk - Clinton Birthday Bash
September 11, 2006

Very brief interview with Josh as he talks about Former President Clinton at his 60th birthday gala.

  Length: 0:52

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