2006 Audio


Delilah Thanksgiving Clip
November 23, 2006

Great fun interview with Josh as Delilah broadcasts from Iraq; Josh gives a special Thanksgiving message for the troops.

  Length: 2:39

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NRK Nett-TV Interview (Norway)
November 7, 2006

Great interview from Norway; the questions are in Norwegian but Josh answers in English. Josh talks about working with Herbie Hancock, working in a "lonely business," Bono, his Norwegian heritage, South Africa, and "Weeping"

  Length: 8:45

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KOST 103.5 #6 "Awake" Release Interview
November 7, 2006

Another fabulous interview with Mark & Kim from KOST in Los Angeles! Josh calls in from New York to discuss the release of his latest CD.
Thanks yet again to Rodrigo and the entire KOST team. Visit the KOST website for more information, great celebrity interviews, or to listen live online!

Clip 1: His "release week" activities, "February Song," his dog Sweeney, and his cool tour bus. Length: 4:30

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Clip 2: The new direction on "Awake," classifying his music, his hobbies, reaching the international audience, learning to embrace the Grobanites, "chillaxing," video games, working with David Foster, and meeting Mandela. Length: 11:19

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98.1 CHFI "Awake CD Special" (Toronto)
November 2, 2006

Radio special with tracks from "Awake" being played, and Josh giving the background on each one's story. Great interview! (Songs have been edited out for time and file size.)

  Length: 19:10

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Q92 FM Interview (Montreal)
October 31, 2006

Josh discusses his goals for the new direction of "Awake," collaborations, South Africa, worldwide fame, dating, and his "type"

  Length: 7:46

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Classic95FM NewsAsia (Singapore)
October 31, 2006

Clip 1: His early influences, and memorable experiences Length: 2:49

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Clip 2: "Machine," unexpected collaborations, and the message of "You Are Loved," and a message to his Asian fans Length: 2:13

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Clip 3: His hobbies, his involvement in "Awake," and experimentation Length: 2:35

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97.3 EZRock (Toronto)
October 30, 2006

Josh talks with "Stu and Colleen In the Morning"

Clip 1: The pressure of "raising the bar" for the third album, his reaction to having adoring fans, his dream duet Length: 3:22

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Clip 2: The message of "You Are Loved", the inspiration for his music Length: 2:51

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98.1 CHFI (Toronto)
October 30, 2006

Josh talks with "Erin and Mike in the Morning" about working with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, working on the third CD, moving out of the "safe zone" in his music, playing drums, and living out his dream.

  Length: 16:55

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BBC2 "Friday Night is Music Night"
October 27, 2006

Fantastic! Josh gives a mini-concert in London and unveils full-length versions of songs from his new album, "Awake," performing them live for the very first time. Includes "You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)," "February Song," "Un Dia Llegara," "So She Dances," and "Machine" as well as "Smile," "Broken Vow," and "Not While I'm Around."

  Length: 46:24

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Sveriges Radio P4 Extra (Sweden)
September 28, 2006

Great interview where Josh discusses stardom, his fans, relationships, and "the big secret" about his voice.

  Length: 6:54

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Delilah Radiothon
March 31, 2006

Josh calls in to the Delilah show to lend his support for the Point Hope project, and issues a challenge for his fans!

  Length: 3:49

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KOST 103.5 #5 Mark & Kim Birthday Call
February 27, 2006

The amazing KOST crew gives Josh an early morning interview call on his birthday. Josh discusses gift-giving, his brother's 21st birthday, the Grobanite charity auctions, and plans for his new CD!
This download link provided via the KOST website. THANK YOU, KOST!!

  Length: 8:37

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