2007 Videos, September - December


Disney's Christmas Day Parade
December 25, 2007

Josh gives a gorgeous performance of "Silent Night" on Christmas Day! Length: 4:39

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Preview clip - Josh discusses his Christmas memories Length: 1:21

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Good Morning America #10
December 25, 2007

Josh performs "Little Drummer Boy"

  Length: 3:48

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Entertainment Tonight #6
December 24, 2007

Very brief interview and spotlight feature celebrating the success of "Noel" and showing some clips of Josh singing tracks from the album.

  Length: 0:43

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Good Morning America #9
December 22, 2007

Josh talks about being one of Oprah's "favorite things" and his family Christmas traditions, and gives a lovely performance of "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear".

  Length: 4:43

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La Methode Cauet (France)
December 21, 2007

Josh performs "Petit Papa Noel"

  Length: 4:07

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Star Academy #3 (France)
December 21, 2007

Clip 1 - Duet of "Petit Papa Noel" Length: 4:13

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Clip 2 - Duet of "You Raise Me Up" Length: 4:41

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Clip 2 - Rehearsals Length: 4:59

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ABC News Nightline
December 21, 2007

Great little spotlight interview where Josh shares his "playlist" of favorite songs.

  Length: 5:38

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Rachael Ray Show
December 20, 2007

Clip 1 - Interview Length: 5:02

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Clip 2 - "The Christmas Song" Length: 4:05

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The TNT Show (France)
December 17, 2007

Beautiful performances of "Petit Papa Noel" and "February Song", plus a great 2-part interview! (note: most all of the interview is in French)

  Length: 17:48

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Larry King Live #4
December 14, 2007

Great interview and a gorgeous performance of "The Christmas Song"

  Length: 7:29

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VH1 "What Perez Says About 2007"
December 13, 2007

Very brief but cute clip where Josh is put on the spot by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton!

  Length: 0:09

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Live with Regis and Kelly #3
December 10, 2007

Clip 1 - "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear" and interview Length: 5:46

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Clip 2 - End credits Length: 0:37

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Idol (Norway)
December 7, 2007

Clip 1 - Introduction and interview Length: 3:23

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Clip 2 - "Silent Night" Length: 3:53

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Fredag Hela Veckan (Sweden)
December 7, 2007

Clip 1 - "Silent Night" Length: 3:51

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Clip 2 - Ending credits Length: 0:47

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Access Hollywood - Rockefeller Clip #2
December 5, 2007

Josh is featured in "Star Sightings" as Noel hits #1!

  Length: 0:23

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Good Morning America #8
November 30, 2007

Clip 1 - "Silent Night" Length: 1:28

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Clip 2 - "Little Drummer Boy" Length: 0:19

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Clip 3 - "The Christmas Song" Length: 3:58

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Clip 4 - Interview and "I'll Be Home For Christmas" Length: 5:06

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Clip 5 - Closing credits Length: 0:51

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Access Hollywood - Rockefeller Clip
November 28, 2007

Josh discusses the tracks on Noel, and gives an a capella performance of "The Christmas Song" on the sidewalk of NYC!

  Length: 3:54

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Rockefeller Tree Lighting #2
November 28, 2007

Josh sings "Little Drummer Boy" in the preshow (only broadcast locally) Length: 4:29

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Josh performs "O Come All Ye Faithful" to open the show for the national broadcast. Length: 3:52

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Oprah - Favorite Things Show Encore
November 27, 2007

Josh performs "Little Drummer Boy," backed up by amazing guitarist Tariqh Akoni. Length: 3:18

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Josh performs "Amazing Grace" with David Foster on piano. Length: 1:20

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Oprah - Favorite Things Christmas Show
November 20, 2007

Absolutely gorgeous! Josh surprises Oprah's audience to sing "Silent Night" and "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" from Noel -- which Oprah calls her "favorite, favorite, favorite thing".

  Length: 5:04

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VH1 - AMA Red Carpet
November 18, 2007

Very brief but cute clip - Don't touch the hair!!

  Length: 0:07

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ETalk - AMA Red Carpet (Canada)
November 18, 2007

Adorable interview on the red carpet for CTV, where Josh shows the Canadian Grobanites some love and earns some "street cred" by doing the Soulja Boy dance.

  Length: 2:50

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American Music Awards #4
November 18, 2007

Brief clip where Josh introduces Celine Dion

  Length: 0:54

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Mooi! weer de Leeuw (Netherlands)
November 4, 2007

Great performance of "You Are Loved" and a brief interview on this popular Dutch television show

  Length: 5:17

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BBC1 Breakfast (UK)
November 1, 2007

Nice interview where Josh discusses Awake, travelling on tour, his love for theater, and his big break at age 17.

  Length: 6:44

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Loose Women #2 (UK)
November 1, 2007

Great, funny and irreverent interview where Josh discusses his recent international tour, his Awake and Noel albums, his open-minded fans, songwriting....and then he sings a duet channelling Sonny Bono. Yes, really.

Part 1 - Interview Length: 8:02

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Part 2 - Performance of February Song Length: 3:38

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Toazted (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
October 31, 2007

Part 1 - Josh describes his music, recalls his memories of playing Heinekin Hall, and talks about the making of Noel

Length: 4:58

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Part 2 - Josh talks about staying busy, staying "nice" even after becoming famous, and delivers one of the best off-the-cuff responses I've ever heard...

(Note: contains adult language)
Length: 4:45

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Part 3 - Josh discusses Africa, his foundation's involvement in helping South Africa, and maintaining a connection to the fans Length: 4:54

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Paul O'Grady #2 (UK)
October 23, 2007

Josh returns for another interview with Paul O'Grady to discuss goody bags, tattoos, touring, the Noel album, and his upcoming theater performance of Chess!

Part 1 - "February Song" Length: 3:51

Windows MediaDownload (14.2mb)

Part 2 - Interview Length: 9:50

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Herald Sun #2 (Australia)
September 28, 2007

Josh discusses his career beginnings and the message he hopes to convey through his songs

  Length: 3:47

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