January 9, 2005

Hi all!

I hope that the New Year is treating all of you very well. Things are off to a fabulous start here at the website! There have been a few additions on the site in the past few days, so I wanted to keep you updated.

First, I've added a page of Frequently Asked Questions...all the things that people always want to know about the site, the media, and Josh. While I'm always happy to answer any questions you have, you might want to check there first to see if it's already been answered.

Next, there's a new page for Related Artists-- Josh's opening acts, people with whom he's recorded or performed, and some great up-and-coming new artists. Check them out...you might find something new!

I've noticed that the site has been getting visitors from all parts of the globe lately, so just for fun I put up a TJGG Visitor Map, where you can put a "pin" to represent your location. Make your mark and let's see how many countries we all cover!

Lastly, I added a page on the site for information on how to get Involved with charities supported by Josh and the Grobanites. Take a look, find one that touches your heart, and pitch in to make a difference!

The only new media clip for this update is the 3Talk Interview video from South Africa, which was done during Josh's recent tour of the country. It's one of the best interviews with Josh I've ever seen! Enjoy... Watch the "updates" feature on the website for all the latest news, and remember to check the media page throughout the coming week for coverage from the People's Choice Awards and Critic's Choice Awards!

Until next time, take care and enjoy the music!

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