February 26, 2005

Hi all!

Wow...it's been a long time since my last update email! Sorry about that. Since my last update, I've totally revamped the look of the site to make it easier to navigate. A site search feature has been added so that you can find just what you're looking for without having to do too much hunting. Hope you like the new layout!

A few new media clips have been added:

2004 KABC-7 AMA Red Carpet Preshow clip
2005 Tsunami Aid: A Concert for Hope
2005 Tonight Show Golden Globes Clip
2005 Dennis Miller Golden Globes Clip
2005 Pre-Oscars Entertainment Tonight Interview

2005 KBLS Morning Show clip

Although there haven't been a lot of new media clips lately, Josh has been very busy with the new tour in high gear. I just wanted to keep you informed about everything that's going on with Josh in the next few weeks:

A recording of Josh's song "You Raise Me Up" has been included on the "Grammy Nominees 2005" CD, which features all the nominated artists singing the songs which gained them a nomination. Josh was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Performance for his performance of YRMU at the 2004 Superbowl preshow. Information about this CD and purchasing it are available on the discography page of my site.

Josh will be performing his hit Christmas song, "Believe," with Beyonce' at the 77th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday night! The show will air live from the Kodak Theater in Hollywood on ABC, 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific. The song's writers, Glen Ballard and Alan Silvestri, are nominated for an Oscar for "Believe." Josh is really excited about this performance and he's sure to be AMAZING, so don't forget to tune in! Of course, if you can't catch it, I'll be recording it to put up on the website, so you can still watch it. (Incidentally, Sunday will also be Josh's 24th birthday, and he'll be attending the Oscars with his brother Chris, who will ALSO be celebrating his 20th birthday the same night!)

Josh will be a guest on Oprah's show on Wednesday, March 2nd. The theme for the show is "Oprah's Wildest Dreams Bus Hits L.A. & New York"....It is rumored that Josh will perform a song, but we don't know what DREAM he'll be fulfilling on the show...or for whom! Whatever it is, it should be pretty exciting! The show is in syndication, so check your local listings for channels and showtimes. Watch Oprah's website (www.oprah.com) as well as my website for "after the show" footage, as well.

Josh has stated in several interviews lately that as soon as his tour wraps up March 24th in Sioux City, he'll be heading back into the studio to begin work on his third studio album. Whether we'll see this new CD in November or in early 2006 is still not known for certain, but I'm sure it will be worth waiting for.

Until next time, keep enjoying the music!

Take care,

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