July 12, 2005

Hi All !!

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer (or winter, to those on the other side of the globe!)

First order of business:

Since this mailing list started, it has grown tremendously so that now there are hundreds of you...Actually, the list is broken into four separate lists in order to handle the load through my email provider. I have always added members to this list manually, and then sent out these updates through my email account. It's simply gotten to be too big a job for me to continue handling manually, so I have signed on to use a mailing list service to handle future update mail-outs. This service will be better equipped to handle subscriptions, unsubscribing, "bounce-backs," and will have a "fail safe" feature to make sure that no one gets email they didn't sign up for. SO....if you wish to continue receiving future email updates, I'd ask that you go to http://myweb.cableone.net/rkjlc/maillist.html and enter your email address there, to sign up for the NEW mailing list. Future updates will only be sent through the new list. It will only take a moment, but will help me tremendously! Thank you!!

Now, on to the Josh...

Since my last update, Josh has performed twice at the Hollywood Bowl... Once, inducting Joshua Bell into its Hall of Fame and performing a duet of "Mi Mancherai," and once, performing "Move On" and "Johanna" at Stephen Sondheim's Birthday tribute. In between, he showed up on TV as a CARTOON, and gave an amazing duet of "Angel" with Sarah McLachlan at the Live8 concert from Philadelphia! (He's one hard-working guy!)

New media clips added on the site since the last update:

2005 American Dad Episode clip
2005 Live8 Rehearsal Clip #1
2005 Live8 Rehearsal Clip #2
2005 Live8 Performance
2005 Live8 BBC Graham Norton Interview

Added to the Lyrics page, all in the "Other" category:

"Downtown Train" and "Stay With Me" (from VH1 Save the Music concert)
"Angel" (from Live8 concert)
"Move On" and "Johanna" (from Hollywood Bowl Sondheim Birthday concert)

Next up: Josh plays Tanglewood August 27th!

Until next time, take care...and keep enjoying the music!

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