September 22, 2004

Hi Guys!!

First of all, thanks to all of you who wrote to express concern for me and my family during Hurricane Ivan. The positive thoughts must have helped, because we didn't sustain any damage to our home! Just a big mess to clean up in the yard, but considering how things *could* have gone, I am not going to complain.

Next, let me apologize again for the media page being down so long. I pay for the clips to be hosted on a streaming video server, and when I reach my bandwidth limit for the month, the fees for excess usage start adding up. My bandwidth limit is high, but the weekend of the Greek Theater concerts, there was a sudden HUGE surge in usage, and when I returned from LA, I found that I was already over my limit. I don't mind paying a little more, but at the rate the page was being used, the excess fees would have cost an additional several hundred dollars by the end of the month. I had to take the page down for a while to stem the flow while I talked with the video host and figured out whether to upgrade the account to a higher bandwidth limit. I'm still working on that... I don't want to have to add banners or popups or any of those annoyances to the site in order to pay for it through advertising, but there's a limit to how much I can afford to pay for the service each month (it isn't cheap.. LOL) Just be assured that the media is NOT going to go away like the other servers did... it's here to stay! I am just working out a few things to make sure that the page will stay available and be able to handle the demand.

Now, for the good news.... I've been making updates to the site for the past couple of days, and have added some things I hope you'll like!

On the main menu page, I've added a link (top center, under the "Listen to Closer" link) where you can see all of Josh's known upcoming appearances and events. He's getting busy lately with lots of concerts and charity events, so hopefully this feature will help you keep track of where he is performing, and when.

The photo page has been revamped! Now, instead of a pop-up photo "album," when you click on a link, a new page will open up with a group of thumbnail photos. Clicking a thumbnail shows the larger photo. This will make it much easier for me to add new photos (and those are coming soon, I promise!) and it also allows you to SAVE the photos now!

The discography page has been updated to show information about the upcoming soundtrack for "Polar Express," on which Josh will be singing his new Christmas song, "Believe."

The lyrics for "Believe" are now listed on the lyrics page.

The tour page has been updated to include all known information about Josh's international tour, which begins November 27th in South Africa. I will continue updating this page with ticketing information and new dates as they become available. At this point, I believe the only date not known is for the show in London, which will likely be some time between December 21st and 23rd.

I hope you all enjoy the changes to the site! I'll send out a message soon when the media page goes back up. By the way, I am making some layout changes there, too...and I think you'll find the new look a lot easier to use! Stay tuned!

Take care, and thanks,

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