October 1, 2004

Hi all!

I'm writing to let you know that the media page on the website went back up tonight! Thank you all for being so patient while the media was down. I've made some changes on the site that hopefully will prevent that from having to happen again.

There are some things that you can do to help keep the page up and available. First and foremost, SAVE the clips you want to watch to your own hard drive, and then watch the downloaded clip instead of streaming it from the page. You can then watch as many times as you like without using up more bandwidth! To save a clip, just right-click the link and then select the option to "Save as." When you watch a clip directly from the page itself, it uses up bandwidth every time you watch it. That means that if you watch a clip three times, it's just like three separate people each watching it once. Since the media gets more than 40,000 hits per month, that bandwidth really adds up!

Second, I've added an option for all the audio files to be downloaded as either mp3 files or 32kbps Windows Audio files. The mp3 files are mostly there for people who want to burn them onto CDs or use them in portable mp3 players. The 32kbps file sizes are MUCH smaller, download faster, and in almost all cases, they sound just as good as the mp3 files. If you just want to listen to these clips on your computer, please consider downloading the 32kbps clips instead of the mp3's. This will also help conserve bandwidth on the site.

You no longer have to select separate tables for broadband or dialup. All the links are now located on the same page, which should make things a little easier. I've also divided the clips into pages by year, so you don't have to scroll through that loooooong page to get to the earlier clips anymore!

I've added a few new clips, and more are on their way. The new media clips are:

AOL "Red" Award 09/15/04
Good Day Live 09/08/04
MDA Telethon "Remember When It Rained" performance 09/05/04
Access Hollywood interview 08/04/04
AP Digital Promo for the AOL Broadband Rocks concert 07/11/04
GMTV interview from the UK 03/10/03
PBS Pledge Break interviews 11/23/02

KOST Breakfast with Mark and Kim 09/08/04

Coming soon: World Music Awards, Good Day LA, and MDA telethon "You Raise Me Up" performance!!

Take care all, and enjoy the site!!

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