October 19, 2004

Hi guys!
I'm happy to announce that today I was able to put up several new media clips on the site. My wonderful host for the media page, Streamhoster.com, has generously offered to increase the bandwidth available on the site in return for placing their banner on the page. This is incredibly good news, because without their help, the page would have had to be taken down again this week. The new bandwidth limits should make it possible for the page to stay up all month, every month, and allow the site to grow as new media comes out. Of course, your cooperation in conserving bandwidth is still appreciated, as the demand continues to grow by leaps and bounds. (The media has already had over 90,000 hits in the first two weeks of this month...that's up from 56,000 in September.)

Now, for the good stuff--NEW MEDIA!!


Good Morning America #1
E! Red Carpet Preshow before People's Choice Awards
Oceano Video
Vatican performance rehearsals
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
ABC News Interview with Bob Brown
Le Choix de Sophie--extended version
Best Buy commercial for "Josh Groban"
Dutch commercial for "Josh Groban"
French commercial for "Josh Groban"
Access Hollywood (11/28/03)
Entertainment Tonight (11/28/03)
Star Academy --extended version
Forst & Sist Interview in Norway
Extra (10/27/03)
Disney Concert Hall Opening Gala
We Are The Future Finale
Pulse24.com interview


KVIL Dixon & Miller interview
"To Where You Are" Remix (streaming only, no download)
WDOK Radio (Toronto)
CJEZ Radio (Toronto)
CFRB Radio (Toronto)
Josh Groban Radio Special
Casey Casem "To Where You Are"
Josh Phone-Ins

I also fixed the Pure Oxygen 2 interview so that now it is complete (not cutting off at the end) and replaced the We Are The Future concert clip, which had an audio/video synching problem.

I promise that the Good Day LA, MDA "To Where You Are," and World Music Awards clips are coming... I will also be capturing Josh's appearance on Oprah on October 25th and will make it available on the site.

Keep enjoying the site, and take care!

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