November 5, 2004

Hi Guys!

Great news! The long-awaited video clip from the WORLD MUSIC AWARDS is now up on the media page! Many, many thanks to SANDY, who generously sent me the performance on disk so I could encode it and make it available to you on the website.

Also new to the media page:

Good Day LA (9/08/2004): A great interview with Josh done on a local morning show in LA, live from the KOST Kafe with Mark and Kim at 103.5 radio station. Very funny...Josh can barely get a word in!

Bingolotto #2 (9/22/2003): Josh's 2003 performance of "You Raise Me Up" on this popular show in Sweden. He receives a great surprise from the host at the end of his performance. Not many people have had the chance to see this clip before! Thanks to MALIN for sending it to me.

Enjoy! Be on the lookout for more coming up... Josh's performance of "You Raise Me Up" at the MDA telethon, his interview on Conan O'Brian, and the HBO First Look at the making of Polar Express!

Take care,

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