The stuff everyone ALWAYS wants to know...

Questions, questions.... Every day, I get dozens of emails through this site, and I've found that there are a number of questions that it seems everyone wants answered. While I don't mind answering your questions, I thought it would be a good idea to answer the most popular ones here, and save us all a little time. Here are the most frequent questions....

...about the site:

...about the media:

...about that Josh Groban guy

Who runs this site, and HOW do you know all this stuff about Josh?

This site is owned and run by me, Rene' ("Nay"), as a solo project. I do all the writing, layout, graphic work, and encoding that goes into the site and keeping it maintained on a daily basis. Obviously, I'm a huge fan of Josh Groban! I believe him to be not only an amazing artist, but a truly outstanding human being deserving of all my support. I don't put a lot of information on this site about myself, because's not about me. This site is intended to promote JOSH. If you really want to know more about me, you can read more here .

As for how I know a lot about Josh... I listen, I read, and I pay attention. My mind seems to absorb trivia, and since I am interested in Josh, I've picked up a lot of it where he's concerned. All the information contained in these pages was taken from published sources available to anyone (interviews, articles, posts from Josh on his message board). I simply compiled all the bits and pieces here into one comprehensive site.

Hey, Nay...can you get a message to Josh for me? I have this burning question to ask him.....

Wish I could help! Unfortunately, I dont know Josh Groban or have any connection to him whatsoever. I don't have any way to communicate with Josh beyond the public methods available to every other fan, which are described on the 'Write Josh' page here on the site. I don't have his address, email, or phone number. Email messages sent to this site come to me, the webmaster...not to Josh.

Can you give me a heads-up on tour dates that haven't been announced yet? My cousin's boyfriend's sister said he's coming to my town and I want to get tickets...

While I understand the desire to see Josh in concert, I find out about tour dates and venues only when they are made public. I pay close attention to news and updates on Josh's websites and put up new tour information as soon as the dates are officially announced, but I don't have any "advance" information about the tour. There are often rumors about future tour dates...usually based on something Josh has said, or reports from "somebody who knows somebody working at Theater X who said they have Josh on the schedule"... The truth is, until the official tour is announced, you can't count on anything you hear. I'm sure Josh's team explores many venues while planning his schedule...some become a reality, but some get changed or discarded. I won't print any tour dates or venues on this site until they are announced as official. times, tour dates are announced online or in the media before the official announcement. When this happens AND there are tickets actually being SOLD for these performances, I will put the information on the tour page--but always with a disclaimer that the dates are unofficial until announced by Josh's management.

Where is the video clip of Sara Brightman and Josh singing "There For Me?" Or him singing "The Prayer" with Celine at World Children's Day? Or how about that video I heard some fan made after a show somewhere....?

The purpose of this website and all its content is to help fans get to know Josh better and promote his music and his career. While Josh and his management have no connection to this site and I do not represent him/them in ANY capacity, I do feel that what I put here reflects on him, directly or indirectly. This is always my foremost concern when choosing the material for this site.

When an appearance wasn't publicly broadcast (on TV, internet, or radio) I have to consider two things before making the decision to include it here on this site. First.... Is the appearance available on a DVD/video that is currently for sale? If so (as in the case of the Sara Brightman duet, which is sold on the "La Luna" DVD, or the Celine duet, which is sold on the "World Children's Day" DVD) my making the performance available for free download would likely take away from the sales of these DVDs, which would contradict my purpose PROMOTE the sale of Josh's works. Thus, I won't put up these clips as long as they are available for sale. Secondly...would Josh wish to have this video made public? Home videos made by fans, I must assume, have not been approved by Josh for public broadcast. While we as fans may desire to see them, unless HE has given permission to have them distributed, I have a responsibility to consider that he may not want them put on display. On this site, consideration of Josh's feelings will always take precedence over the fans' desire to see a video clip.

Why are your video clips usually only offered in Windows Media format? Can't you also offer them for RealPlayer and QuickTime?

There are well over 300 separate media clips now available on this site, and those numbers continue to grow each month. While my media server has a very large capacity, if I were to store a copy of each clip in all formats, it would triple the amount of storage space needed and before long I would simply run out of space on the server. Windows Media is the quickest and easiest method of encoding for me, and also seems to stream the best from my server, so that is the preferred format for this site. I've begun making more recent clips available in Quicktime. Some of the older clips were not originally encoded by me and are available only in a different format, which is why occasionally you will see a RealMedia file on the site.

I'd really like to get all these video clips on a DVD. Can you burn one for me?

Unfortunately, no. First of all, after the time it takes to maintain this site and handle all the email I receive from it, I simply don't have time to make and mail out DVDs to everyone who asks. One of the reasons I decided to archive all available Josh media on a website was so that I could help large numbers of fans access these performances without the need to make and mail out discs all the time.

I can't find "My December"/"She's Out of My Life"/"Mia per Sempre" on CD anywhere... can you send me the file?

I realize that some of Josh's songs are difficult to find for sale, especially those that only appear as bonus tracks on special edition CDs. However, file sharing (copying and distributing files of Josh's music for sale) is illegal. No matter how much I'd like to help every fan hear every one of Josh's songs, I cannot participate in illegal distribution of his music. Very rarely, I will make an audio file available on the media page...but ONLY when it has already been made widely available elsewhere on the internet on an approved site (such as Josh's official website.) Even then, I only put them up in streaming-only format, so that they are not available for download. I will not make any audio files of Josh's music available here in their entirety without express permission from his label.

Why don't you have the Ally McBeal episodes up on the site, and where can I get copies of them?

This is one of the most common questions I receive. With the huge demand that exists, I don't know why the Ally episodes haven't been made available for sale here in the US. Having said that, video files of entire TV episodes are HUGE, and if I put them up on my server for download, the storage and bandwidth needed to distribute them would cripple my media server. It simply isn't possible for me to make them available. Occasionally, there are fans on Josh's message boards who offer to make copies of these tapes for other fans. As the webmaster of this site, I cannot officially endorse or recommend any individual as a source for these tapes.

I'm having a technical problem with the media clips....

I have tried to design this site and the media page so that it can be easily used by the broadest range of visitors possible. Nevertheless, it is nearly impossible to design a site that is 100% compatible with every available operating system, browser, screen size, text size, connection speed, and graphic card. If you are having difficulty viewing the media, first make sure that you have done the following:

  • Installed the necessary media player (Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or RealPlayer)
  • Attempted to DOWNLOAD the file, not just watch it in streaming format. Problems with buffering and connection speed are automatically resolved when you save the file to your hard drive and watch it from there, instead of streaming it over the internet.
  • Checked to make sure that you have enough available memory on your computer to receive the entire file
  • If the problem is an error message you are receiving for your media PLAYER, make sure you have checked the support pages online for that player (find support for Windows Media here or for RealPlayer here.)

If you have completed all these steps and are still having trouble, feel free to contact me for assistance. Please include information about your operating system, browser type, connection speed (dialup or broadband), which clip you are trying to access, and any other pertinent information in your email.

What religion is Josh? What political party does he support? And why won't you talk about it on the site...what's the big secret?

One of the most important things I consider before putting any information on this website is, "How would Josh feel about having this made public?" Since I don't talk to Josh, this is always a judgement call for me, based on what I believe to be true about his personality. Josh is an extraordinarily open and honest public figure, but there are parts of his life that he has the right to keep private. I respect that and I will continue to honor that principle on this site. If Josh chooses to make information publicly known through interviews or posts on his message board, then I assume that he is comfortable having it repeated. Until he does so, I will not print speculation or repeat things that are only rumored to be true. Keep in mind that choosing not to TALK about certain topics in public doesn't mean that Josh is secretive or ashamed of his views...only that they aren't anyone else's business.

As for questions of Josh's religion, so far I have not seen any place where he talked publicly about any specific, personal religious views or practices. He has disclosed some information about his FAMILY (which is, that his father was Jewish but converted when marrying his mother, and his family is Episcopalian). You are free to draw your own conclusions about whether this means that Josh himself still follows these same practices as an adult.... Until Josh himself says it, I will not print it as fact here on this site.

Josh has never disclosed his political views in public, that I am aware of, and I have no idea what they are. Unlike many celebrities, so far Josh has stayed out of the political fray and has not chosen to endorse any candidate or political party publicly. Until he chooses to do so, I will respect his wish to keep this a personal matter.

How old is Josh? Does he speak all those languages he sings in? What's his favorite color?

Most of the basic information I know about Josh...personal stats, "favorites," trivia....can be found by visiting either the "Who He Is, and Who He's Not" page, the Trivia page, or the Biography page. Keep in mind that some things, like the type of car he drives, his favorite book, etc....are subject to change at any time. All I can report are the answers to these questions that HE has given at one time or another, and assume that they are true until he gives a different answer. If, after reading these pages, you still have a question (and it's not of the personal/private variety) me. I'll answer it if I can.

The "if Josh could be any type of tree, what would it be?" type questions...

This would be a good time to reiterate....I DO NOT KNOW JOSH GROBAN. I don't communicate with Josh, so I have no way of knowing the answers to questions that only HE could answer....such as questions of opinion. I do know a lot about Josh, but only what has been made public. It never hurts to ask, but please understand that I cannot and will not speak FOR him, and that means I usually can't answer these types of questions.