From the beginning, Josh has used his talent to support some very worthy causes...especially those providing help to children in need around the world. Inspired by his example, the Grobanites have loaned their time and talents to help others, as well. Below are some of the causes that Josh has been involved in, and some Grobanite groups who have banded together to make a difference. There's a world in need....don't just sit there! Pick one, pick a few, or pick your own...but GET INVOLVED!

GFC logo Grobanites for Charity is an oustanding group whose major focus is to
raise funds in support of the Josh Groban Foundation, Josh's official charity. The Foundation provides assistance to children throughout the world through health care, education, and the arts. GFC raises money through donations, online auctions, sales of Josh-related items, and fundraisers at meet-and-greet events prior to Josh's concerts. The charity has raised over $700,000 for the Foundation so far! Fans can contribute to a variety of projects, including:
  • Grobanites for Africa
  • Tender Totes and Heavenly Dreams
  • Riley's Wishes
  • South Central Gifted Scholars Fund
  • Grobanite Toy Drive
46664 logo "AIDS is no longer just a disease it is a human rights issue."
--Nelson Mandela

46664 is the campaign created by the Nelson Mandela Foundation to
bring attention to the crisis of HIV/AIDS throughout the world. In November 2004, Josh Groban met with Mr. Mandela during his tour of South Africa, and pledged his support as an ambassador for the 46664 program, declaring it "a life-altering experience." "I'm going to be like his servant. I'll do whatever he wants me to do, anytime, in order to raise awareness about AIDS. I'm going to avail myself for any concert or event Mandela wants me to." Join in the fight to save victims of HIV/AIDS throughout the world by signing the global petition, making a donation, or purchasing clothing or music from the 46664 site.
Keep A Child Alive logo "Every minute, a child dies of AIDS. But when it's so easy to keep a child alive, how can we say no?" --Alicia Keyes

Nearly 3 million children living in the world today are victims of
AIDS....and another 700,000 continue to contract the disease each year. Over 95% of them live in impoverished areas of the world where medical treatment is not available or affordable. Keep A Child Alive seeks to prolong and enrich the lives of children and parents stricken with HIV/AIDS in Africa and other impoverished areas of the world by providing access to antiretroviral medical treatment. Contributions to KACA go directly to providing life-saving medicine to those in desperate need. Make a donation, buy and wear a bracelet in support, or download an action kit to organize a donation appeal in your local area.
WATF logo "Peace is possible, and children are the answer. Teach them while they are young and a better world is theirs. Abandon them, and chaos and hate will rule their lives. Every voice counts and we need yours." --Quincy Jones

Every year, in every corner of the globe, millions of children are affected
by violence. . . killed, injured, or left homeless by the chaos surrounding them. On May 16, 2004, dozens of the world's music artists and celebrities banded together at Rome's Circus Maximus under the direction of Quincy Jones to hold the first We Are the Future concert. WATF raises awareness of the plight of children in war-torn areas and seeks to break the cycle of poverty and violence through the establishment of child centers in each area. These centers provide healthy food, health care, and education, as well as training for empowerment and leadership skills, ensuring a more hopeful future. To help, buy the live concert CD, download the single of the WATF anthem, buy the book or DVD, or just make a donation.
CIN logo Children In Need is an incredible program working within the United
Kingdom to raise funds for a wide range of services for children in crisis. Funds raised through their annual appeal concerts and activities are used to provide aid against substance abuse, homelessness, bullying, poverty, racism,and sexual abuse, among other things, and to provide support programs for children with HIV/AIDS, individuals with disabilities, ethnic minorities in education, and mentoring programs for at-risk youth. Josh participated in the 2004 CIN Appeal concert, helping to raise over £17 million in one night! To give your support, make a pledge or a purchase from the BBC online store. UK residents can download a fundraising pack to help prepare for next year's appeal.
UAH logo Unite Against Hunger is an amazing project working to combat the
crisis of child hunger in South Africa through corporate sponsorship and private food donations, which are distributed to hungry children. One of their beneficiaries, the African Children's Feeding Scheme (ACFS), provides a daily meal to thousands of children at various sites throughout Africa. Josh's first tour in South Africa was dedicated in support of Unite Against Hunger, including an exclusive gala dinner featuring Josh and performances by other local musicians. South Africans can make a food donation, those in other countries can make a financial contribution to help eliminate child hunger.

Music Matters logo Music Matters is an initiative of the Los Angeles Philharmonic
Association which strives to promote music education. Their programs include support for teachers who integrate music into the curriculum, lesson plans, instrumental competitions, concerts, and a School Partners Program which enlists professional musicians to share their experiences and expertise within the schools. Josh was appointed as a spokesman for Music Matters in 2003. Make a donation, volunteer your time, or attend Opening Night at the Hollywood Bowl or the Los Angeles Philharmonic Winter Gala to help support this great cause.