Silly Facts You Don't Even Need To Know (....But Want To Know Anyway)

If you want to know more about the serious stuff...Josh's history, music, training... I suggest you stop by the biography page, because you won't find that here! This is all the useless, insanely silly trivia about Josh that fans always seem to crave for no good reason, other than it helps us get to know Josh a little better!

One note: These are all tidbits taken from Josh himself over the years, from interviews or talk with fans...but some of the information is years old and, like with anyone, Josh's "favorites" are subject to change over time. Take it as it's intended...with a huge grain of salt!

The Basics:

Height:   6', but he slouches

Eye Color:   Brown

Hair Color:   Dark brown and naturally curly

Ethnicity:   Half Russian/Polish, half Norwegian

Favorite Color:   Black and dark blue

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:   Coffee

Favorite Foods:   Sushi, Japanese, Mexican, Babybel cheese, Gatorade

Favorite TV Shows:   The Simpsons, The Sopranos

Favorite Movies:   Braveheart, Amelie

Favorite Pizza:   Hawaiian or vegetarian with mushrooms & onions

Favorite Books:   
"James and the Giant Peach" by Roald Dahl, "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by Dave Sedaris

Favorite Bands:   
Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Tool, System of a Down, Bjork, Linkin Park, Afro-Celts

Favorite Albums:   
Bjork-Debut, Paul Simon- Graceland, Pavarotti's Greatest Hits

Favorite Sports:   Lacrosse, tennis, running

Favorite Website:   The Onion (

Instruments He Plays:   Drums, piano, synthesizer

What He Collects:   Pennies

Hobbies:   Playing drums, video games, tennis, reading

Light or Dark Chocolate?:   Bitter dark chocolate

Car He Drives:   Porsche 911 Carrera

Totally Random:

  • He wears glasses or contacts
  • He doesn't do anything special to his hair....just towel dries it and goes!
  • He loves irreverent humor--Monty Python, South Park, etc.
  • He co-founded a comedy troupe when he was in school
  • He drinks water, tea, or apple juice before a performance
  • He doesn't smoke
  • He went solo to the prom
  • He's right handed and double-jointed
  • If he wasn't a singer, he'd have been a veterinarian
  • He had his tonsils taken out
  • He's a great mimic of voices (Eddie Vedder, Cartman from South Park...)
  • He sings in the shower--either rock or opera!
  • He's a Dodgers fan
  • He likes to watch sports--baseball, football, hockey
  • He likes to watch Conan O'Brian or Dave Letterman
  • One of his favorite LA restaurants is The Farm, where he likes the tuna plate or the corn chowder
  • He and his brother Chris share the same birthday four years apart
  • On planes, he likes to play casino card games on his laptop
  • He's a nightowl....staying up until late into the night and waking up late
  • He played drums in rock bands in high school
  • He can be moody or impatient (say it ain't so, Josh! LOL)
  • He got his first speeding ticket after he bought his Porsche, but took the internet test to have it taken off his record
  • He dressed as a bunny for Halloween when he was 4 years old
  • He had to miss the 1999 Grammy Awards to work the curtain for his school play
  • He loves Stephen Sondheim, especially Sweeney Todd
  • In second grade, he "married" a girl he didn't like much on the playground to make her go away
  • His favorite Disney movie is Lady & the Tramp
  • Before going into music, he had conventional jobs washing windows at a toy store and as a waiter.
  • His parents aren't musicians (except his dad, who played trumpet in college)--but he has musical roots. His grandmother was a performer in vaudeville.
  • He's not conventionally artistic (drawing, painting, etc.) but would have loved to be a painter.
  • His personal drumset is (or was, at one time) a six-piece Pearl Sessions kit, and he uses/used 5A rubber-coated drumsticks.
  • Corn is his favorite vegetable.
  • He has a pet...a Wheaten terrier puppy, named Sweeney!

Still have a question about Josh you'd like to know?

Email me, and I'll try to answer, if I can!
One note, though: I have a great deal of respect for Josh, both as a person and as a performer, so that means I respect his privacy as well. I won't entertain questions about his religion, politics, his relationships or his sex life... there are some things even the biggest fans just don't need to know.