This website is a labor of love, the result of a collaboration between many of Josh's fans. Without the contributions of many generous and talented people, this site wouldn't exist. I want to acknowledge a number of people who have contributed to the creation of this website:

PING (Shou-Ping Yu) for her incredible photographs of Josh, some of which are used with permission as graphics on this site! Ping has taken some of the most amazing photos of Josh I've ever seen, and I'm eternally grateful for her her allowing me to share some of them through this site. More of Ping's beautiful photographs can be viewed here.

ALICE QUADE, for granting permission to use her gorgeous photos of Josh throughout this site. Alice has has been able to capture some incredible photos of Josh and has generously shared them with his fans. More of Alice's beautiful photos of Josh can be found here.

SANDI CAMPBELL, a true friend and Grobanite who stepped up to help when demand for bandwidth became overwhelming, to help keep this site going....and whose friendship keeps ME going.

CINDY (AKA LIZZIE), for her untiring devotion to archiving all Josh's print media--interviews, reviews, articles, and transcripts. The print media on her site The Groban Archives proved an invaluable resource while doing research for this site.

DARYL, WILSON, YASUKO, ELLEN, MANON, JESSICA, ANNE-LAURE, and so many others, for having the forethought and the talent to record Josh's performances and interviews from the beginning, before I'd ever even heard of him, and for sharing their media files with the fans.

ALL THE FANS who have alerted me to information about Josh to be included on this site, sent me files, or just written in to make suggestions so that I could make improvements to the site. So many wonderful people have helped me double-check facts, proofread pages, given me opinions, or just listened when I needed to rant while working on the layout. These are the people who keep me going...

Last but not least, JOSH GROBAN --for giving me music worth creating a website FOR, and the inspiration to take on the task.

To all of you, THANK YOU.